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Erotic massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Tantra massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Nuru is a type of erotic bodywork in which one or more providers rub their body against the clients' body.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests.

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Call +61 466 062 698 CBD Studio Sexy Girls Services in Sydney NSW area

Tantra & Nuru Erotic massage - Erotic Massage Sydney Stars

We all know about the benefits of massage but few people use erotic massage in their lives, as this relates more to the culture of the East. In ancient times, we knew that the impact on certain points of the body is not only useful but also pleasant. In China, using the technique of acupressure, an erection of a man was controlled in order to prolong sexual intercourse. India is famous for its art of touching with the use of exciting oils. Today erotic massage is an element of foreplay, helping to establish emotional contact between partners and giving unimaginable sensations.

The girl-masseuse makes it with her naked body. The first half an hour the guest receives a general massage to relax with the soul and body. At the same time the girl is dressed in a light translucent dressing gown, under which only panties. However, at the request of the visitor the girl can bare completely at the beginning of the session. There are no restrictions, if only the man was satisfied. If the client does not express such a desire, then after half an hour of classical massage the girl undresses, and the fun begins. The masseuse excites the visitor by touching him with naked buttocks, chest, belly and even the most piquant part of the body. If this is necessary, it helps the man to get excited by the hands. In addition, every masseuse has its own little secrets: some use a soft brush, others put on fluffy volanchiki on their wrists, and girls with long hair use them for exciting touches. All this is accompanied by exhilarating motions. It is simply impossible to resist. In fact, during the body to body massage session, the client receives both a massage and an erotic show.

However, it brings not only a sea of ​​pleasure, but also contributes to the development of sexual potential, the awakening of sexual energy, the release of sexual energy. It increases sensitivity and sexual function. Regardless of age, marital status and sexual experience, it is shown to everyone. He enriches sexual life and makes family relations stronger. And here the huge role is played not only by the awakening of sexual energy. During the Nuru massage, the partners begin to better understand and feel each other, learn to communicate, establish contact not at the level of words, but at the level of feelings, sensations, emotions, touches, looks. Its goal is to arouse a partner, create favorable conditions for sensual pleasure and, as a completion, for a full-fledged and timely orgasm. Like any other massage, erotic Tantra massage favorably affects the skin, muscles and internal organs, it awakens the streams of vital energy, has a strong influence on our mental state, on the mental health of a person. allows you to liberate sexual energy and helps to direct it in the right direction.

During a body to body massage session, the girl massages the client with her bare buttocks and breasts, and the man can touch it for any part of the body. It consists of kisses, touches, aromatic oils, pleasant music, gives an amazing sense of harmony and satisfaction, helps to relax as much as possible and at the same time gain strength for new achievements. It can be done anywhere: in bed, in the bath, in the hotel room. It is not difficult to master the technique itself, especially since all this is selected individually according to the wishes of the partner.

There are several types of erotic massage: Nuru massage. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the impact goes on the whole body from the tips of the toes to the top of the head. Massage is performed not only by hands but by all parts of the body with special nuru gel. Particular attention is paid to erogenous zones and genitals. Body to body massage. Relaxation is achieved by sliding body to body. Tantric massage. The main feature is massage of the genitals. Also all erogenous zones are stimulated. Massage movements are performed by naked bodies with the use of oils and incense. Massage is held in the Indian atmosphere. Erotic massage with reiki. The use of the reiki during the massage helps to remove energy clamps in the body and direct the flow of sexual energy from the base of the first chakra upwards throughout the body. These are just some types of erotic massage. In fact, everything here depends on the imagination and everyone can contribute some of their unique elements into it. Erotic massage is the art of giving pleasure. You will be surprised at how much pleasure you can experience from taking a massage. You will want to enjoy this endlessly ...

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